Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Goodies: Haus of Gloi Edition

Considering it is 10/31, I decided to forgo my NARS Junkie review for a much more thematically appropriate post. Also, I just received the box containing my order from Haus of Gloi yesterday, and like an eager child at Christmas, I tore open the package immediately (speaking of orders and packages, I've been receiving so many lately, it's amazing my UPS man hasn't decided to stage an intervention).

As you can see from the package names, they are all Halloween/Fall related. I ordered two sample-sized products, and one full-sized one. From left to right, they are Saft Ernte Pumpkin Butter, Hex Soft Bubbling Scrub, and Pumpkin Queen Pumpkin Butter. The Pumpkin Butters are moisturizers. So far, I've just opened the Saft Ernte product:
It is without a doubt an olfactory delight! It smells simultaneously like fresh baked pumpkin pie and a spicy pumpkin latte. And the label is so cool! I tried looking up what exactly Saft Ernte meant (ideas anyone?), and unfortunately came up with nothing. It does sound appropriately witchy though! The Haus of Gloi people were also kind enough to send a perfume sample in Troika (which is also rather appropriate considering my blog theme, right?!):

And here is the back of the card:Everything that came is sealed, so I'm going to hold off on opening up the other two products until I find out if they have an expiration date, like Lush products.

I definitely will be ordering from Haus of Gloi again. Just a word of warning though - a lot of their seasonal products seem to be limited edition and sell out quickly, so if you see something you want, snatch it up before it goes!


  1. This brand looks really interesting! Might have to check it out.