Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sephora FF Haul Rave - NARS Melusine Eyeshadow Duo

As I mentioned in my post below, I did quite a bit of damage this month, and part of that was due to the timing of the Sephora FF sale. I did haul quite a bit, but I'm not going to post everything, as some of it is just boring basic items (eyeshadow primers, blotting powder, etc). I will instead post the more unique and fun items, some that I loved, and some that I am returning. The NARS Melusine duo definitely falls into the love category!

I've been trying to build up the color selection in my eyeshadow stash, as I already have a lot of neutrals and greens. Purples intimidate me, because I am very warm-toned and blue eyed, and I just have it in my head that this shade works best on brown-eyed gals. So I'm glad I took a chance on this duo! The lighter shade is a beautiful, shimmery grey-lilac. It is utterly wearable and lovely. But the real showstopper is the rich purple on the right. Some NARS shadows I dislike because they apply streaky. This one applies like VELVET. It is so smooth and its color is so true to pan, it is an utter hit.

Here is a quick swatch I did with no primer (I just tried to pack the shadows on using my flat Eco Tools brush):

Another thing that concerned me before purchasing this duo was that it might be too similar to the only other purple colors I own, which are in the Kat Von D Beethoven palette. Here is a side-by-side photo of the two:
And here is a comparison of the colors swatched:As you can (hopefully) see, they're all pretty different. The top two shadows are from the NARS duo. The bottom one is Sinner and the one above that Galeano from the Kat palette. Galeano is much more lavender than the lighter color in Melusine. And Sinner is definitely much more glittery than the matte dark purple.

Next up I'll be going over the loveliness that is the NARS Junkie box. Til then, have a great Halloween weekend all!!


  1. I love the NARS duo eyeshadow. Such great pigmentation!

  2. I don't own any NARS eyeshadows but I've been lemming Tzarine for a while--- and from swatches (including yours) Melusine is starting to look pretty appealing!