Friday, July 22, 2011

Back from Hiatus, Plus Some Happy News

I never really meant to take a break this long from blogging, but somehow between work and school, I kind of got out of the swing of things. Consider me back from the dead though, since I'm going to be posting a lot more!

Nothing much of note has happened since I last posted, save for this:Yep, my boyfriend finally decided to make an honest woman out of me, and proposed on our anniversary. I'm very excited and so happy with the ring. I told him awhile ago that should we ever get engaged, I would want a ruby instead of a diamond. And he figured out on his own that I'd love a vintage style setting. The one that I have was designed by the jewelry store owner's great grandfather back in the 1920's.

As for the wedding itself, it will be awhile coming, because we still need to get some of our ducks in a row. However, I'm still thinking of the wedding dress (the most important element of any wedding, right?) and hoping I can find something that is not strapless.

As for makeup posts, I'll be doing a collective haul soon. :-)