Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Know my Stash, Know Me: The Japanese e/s palette edition

I'm too lazy and lacking in the physical space it would need to photograph my entire make-up stash, so I thought I'd itemize everything by brand or country of origin. For awhile I was obsessed with Japanese cosmetics, and purchased some really cool palettes from Paul & Joe, Shu Uemura & Jill Stuart. Go ahead and oogle my beauties:

Yes, one day I will figure out the flash thingy on my camera so everything isn't so washed out. Also, please click on the pictures themselves to enlarge them.

The palette that probably has gotten the most use is the Jill Stuart Brocade Gold quad in the upper left hand side. Everything else has been too pretty to touch!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eco Tools Mini Makeup Organizer

I was really bored the other night, and boredom leads to random drugstore purchases, as CVS is conveniently across the street from me. When I got to the makeup brush section, I spotted this little plastic Eco Tools organizer, and thought, "Eh, why not. I'll feel silly just walking out of here with my Smart Water." Even though this only represents like 1/20th of my stash, I thought it would be nice to keep on top of my desk, and keep the current season's items in it, and then rotate items out as needed. Mostly everything in my collection is kept in random drawers, so I'm always digging around for things in the morning. So as of now I have my two new NARS e/s duos (Tzarine & Rajasthan), my Fresh Firebird mascara, assorted lippies and my go-to NARS blushes in this organizer, plus a bunch of mini Guerlain perfumes. Once I move, I hope to get a huge rolling rack to put the rest of my preciouses in.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Score! Matryoshka Doll shirt from Asos.com

God how I love thee Asos.com You let this American girl buy Paul & Joe cosmetics (sometimes even on sale!), before they were available on urbanoutfitters.com. Your international shipping is more reasonable than most shipping within my own country, and you're prompt! And, you had this adorable matryoshka doll shirt on sale, which I snapped up in a heartbeat:I will be stalking your website at regular intervals.

Milani Nailpolish Fetish - Mr. Sandman and others

I'm really not a girl who is obsessed with her fingernails, so long as they are clean and trim (toenails are an entirely different story - being a Cali girl it's pretty obligatory to have an up-to-date pedicure at all times). Though since I think I've reached max capacity in terms of the amount of makeup I have, I've since turned my attention to nailpolish. And while I'm a huge OPI fan, I recently gave the drugstore brand Milani a try since CVS was having an extra bucks promo if you bought $10 of Milani products. So I bought a few to try out, and I'm really impressed with the quality! Here is what I'm wearing now, Mr. Sandman:And here's the other Milani shades I've bought thus far:
From left to right: Mr. Sandman, Ms. Milani, Tailor Made (my most favorite ever! It's blue with a purple duochrome), Angel Pink and Creme Brulee.
Now my next step is to get my cuticles in order!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines Bloodline Eye

Here is an eye look using MAC's Bloodline pigment from the Fabulous Felines collection. This is a really dark pigment, so I just used the tiniest bit in the outer corner and on the upper and lower lash line:Here is a product breakdown (all MAC):
-Painterly Paint Pot
-Vanilla pigment all over
-Girlie in crease
-Bloodline pigment in outer crease, upper lashline & lower lashline

I had a very nice makeup artist from the MAC counter help me learn this look, so thanks to her!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Fantasy Heroines - #5

With the MAC Venomous Villains collections coming up soon (and selling out soon no doubt), I'd thought I'd start a series I've been thinking about for awhile, which is the opposite of the coin - favorite fantasy heroines and their makeup! When I think about the baddies of the fairytale/fantasy world, their makeup never appeals to me. It's all overly harsh red lips, majorly contoured cheeks and super dark eyeshadow. I honestly never wear one of those elements on their own, ever. The looks of the "good" protagonists (because let's face it - you're only good or bad, never in-between in these types of stories) are more my style. So, without further ramblings from me, here's my 5th favorite fantasy heroine: The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story
I couldn't resist as this was one of my favorite movies as a kid (Atreyu was actually my favorite character, but he didn't really fit into this category). The Childlike Empress, aka Moon Child, exemplifies the trademarks of the fantasy heroine - clear, flawless skin, light dewy lips and an ethereal gaze. In order to save her vanishing world, whose stories are no longer being read by Earth's children, she beseeches the help of a young, bullied bookworm to give her a new name. Inspired by her look, I've put together a list of a few items that might be useful in achieving her innocent radiance. First, I'd start with a kojic acid facial product, like:
Kojic acid products have been my go to for trying to get rid of skin imperfections, like freckles or old acne scars. The lore behind Kojic acid is that it was discovered that Japanese women working in sake factories had gorgeous luminous skin from working with this substance, which is a by-product of in the fermentation process of malting rice.
Now that you
r skin is glowing, you need a light, peachy lip. How about try a Chanel Glossimer in Bikini Peach?Top this off with a pretty piece of jewelry (Wearing it on your head is an option!)
I found this one on Ruetabega's Etsy Store.

I hope this is an enjoyable series for you guys, and I'll post my other 4 choices soon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Las Vegas & Headdesk Moments

I had one of those lovely milestone birthdays this past weekend (unfortunately not one of the cool ones which heralds the ability to drink legally), and I marked it by celebrating with my family in Vegas. Despite having been to Vegas many times in the past few years, it was actually my first time walking the Strip at night, and wow, was that an experience - one I never, ever want to repeat). The only good highlights of that adventure were taking pictures of the new conservatory exhibit at the Bellagio, and watching a rather portly, sweaty African American man in a bright pink bra dancing on the sidewalk for tips. And believe me, that tip jar was overflowing! Dude was working it!

Anyway, the headdesk moment came when I went to the Town Square Sephora, and lo and behold, they had not one but like 8 Urban Decay Naked Palettes in! I wanted to buy one, but because my mom was offering to pay, I felt guilty asking her to shell out the $44 bucks (or whatever it was). Instead I picked out NARS Douceur, which means I now own every piece from NAR's fall collection, save for the eyeshadow singles.

So when I returned to Orange County, I went to South Coast Plaza to get that Naked Palette once and for all. Well, I checked out Sephora and the Urban Decay counter at Macy's, and...nothing. All sold out times infinity. Thank god this palette is not limited edition (I think), so one day it shall be mine!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Matryoshka - Orange Angel Cat

I got this little guy at the Russian booth at the Orange County Fair, which I try to visit every year. I'm sure I overpaid for him and he would have cost a measly $5 from a vendor on the streets of St. Petersburg, but how could I resist this? He's a cat (I have a beloved orange tabby/siamese mix), he's an angel, and he's using his divine powers to scatter flower petals on the world below! I'm not sure who quite came up with this admittedly nonsensical theme, but it's cute regardless!

Here is a picture of the full family:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cinematic Inspiration; Lily Cole in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

The great part about being sick yesterday was catching up on some netflix that had been gathering dust on my desk. I guess I was on a Heath Ledger kick, because in addition to watching Candy (big thumbs up and highly recommend!), I also watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (no link needed I presume, as everyone knows this as the late actor's last film). Wasn't so crazy about this as a movie, but in terms of costumes and makeup, it was a delight!

In the film, model Lily Cole plays the title character's daughter Valentina, and is a part of his stage act. Banish all cliches of models turned actresses, Ms. Cole was actually wonderful! And of course, a feast for the makeup-lover's eye:I love how she looks like a cross between a creepy porcelain doll and Marie Antoinette. But my ultimate favorite is this one:
Imagine trying to get away with a metallic cheek contour! And the dark lip is a perfect inspiration for the upcoming fall season, which is my favorite!!