Sunday, September 11, 2011

JewelMint - Worst Customer Service Experience Ever!

I normally don't take time out of my day to complain on internet forums about the questionable customer service I receive from various places when it occurs. However, my experience at jewelmint was so horrendously bad, I thought I had to share it, in case anyone was ever thinking of buying from this company.

As I'm sure most of you know, Jewelmint is that Kate Bosworth backed jewelry of the month club that advertises a lot through youtubers and web ads (and even on my beloved, where Michael K definitely doesn't have the nicest things to say about Kate, her style or her lack of shall we say, nourishment?) I've been buying pieces on and off since earlier this year, because I was attracted to the price point and the uniqueness of some of the pieces. I love costume jewelry, and this seemed like a fun way to shop for it.

Everything had been going fine up until a month ago, when I received a very enticing e-mail promotion - buy a piece, get $7 off, and also receive a free gift with purchase from some of their overstock. How cool I thought - I hadn't been thinking of getting anything that month, but with that e-mail I decided to order an Egyptian themed necklace I had been eyeing. Cut to several days later, I get my Egyptian necklace in the mail, but no GWP. What? I was sure it was a mistake. Because Jewelmint's customer service line is only open during the business hours that I work (really, how convenient is a customer service dept if it only operates during the times when most normal people are at their offices or school?), I went ahead and e-mailed them...and waited. For a week, all I got was a response saying a ticket had been opened. Not very helpful. I e-mailed them back and asked, "so the ticket is open, what exactly does that mean?" I finally received a response...and it floored me with its tone of complete disrespect.

I learned from a CS rep that the promotion was only for the first 500 orders. Okay, I would beg to disagree - if it was on the ad at all, it was purposefully made so small so that anyone looking over the ad would have to squint to see it. Plus, upon check out, I received a confirmation that my discount code had applied, and I would be getting my $7 off and my GWP.

This isn't what really annoyed me though. I can really live without receiving a 2nd piece of jewelry. What took me aback was the wording of the e-mail, which was, and I quote "I am sorry you didn't read the ad correctly and you should have seen it on there."

This is where I go from calm Matryoshka, to this:I work with clients each and every day. They are the back bone of our business, and we have a strict code of conduct in terms of how we communicate with and serve them. If I had e-mailed anything along the lines Jewelmint's response to any of them, that would be a first class ticket into my boss's office, or more likely out of the office, on my butt and holding a box full of my personal effects. For a business that is trying to grow, and is relying heavily on the blogger/vlogger community to do so, I found that to be an egregious customer service FAIL.

Sadly that wasn't even the end of my saga. Before I received that e-mail I had ordered something from my September showroom. Needless to say, this was going to be my last piece. I e-mailed Jewelmint back, letting them know how disappointed I was with their customer service, and asked that my account with them be closed immediately. Again, I never heard a response from them, but when I went to log onto my account, it seemed as though some member features had been shut down, leading me to believe they did close it. However, receiving an e-mail confirmation would have been nice!

Now here is the finale - I received the last piece I ordered from them, and it was completely and utterly defective. Take a look for yourself:
Totally lopsided.

There is a huge gape between the horn and the casing, showing how poorly made it was.

Now if I was paranoid, I would say they were almost doing this to spite me, but I honestly thing it is bad luck. However, I do want it corrected, so I e-mailed customer service yet again, and they have yet to respond to me. Once more, I shake my head in dismay and awe over how horrible one company can be to its customers.

If you have had good experience with Jewelmint's CS in the past, then I am glad for you and hope it continues. I'm not saying my story is everyone's story, but I thought it was important to share. Take what you will from it. I know that I will never support this company again.