Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Goodies - The Candy Corn Edition

October officially kicks off my favorite three consecutive months of the year, because there is a fun holiday for each of them! In honor of Halloween, I picked up two candy corn themed goodies.

First is my cute little piggy bank. Target recently started producing a bunch of piggy banks, each with a really cool theme. They released their Halloween themed ones sometime last month, and when I first saw them, I had a total conundrum over which one to get. Ultimately it came down between this one and a vampire one. The reason I got this guy was because the colors were more fun, and the vampire piggies' glaze was kinda wonky and uneven. Go here to check out some other cool designs.

Next of course I have my yummy scented Philosophy body wash - what more is there to say about these other than they rock?! It never ceases to amaze me how much these always smell like the real thing they are imitating.

And last, if you haven't seen Xsparkage's cool candy corn eye tutorial, check it out:

There is no way I'm even going to try and dupe this! I don't wear bright shadow, I just admire it on others.

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