Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mozart's Sister & Wedding Dress Ideas

I haven't had much inspiration to post lately - I feel like there is only so much I can say about makeup without showing an actual FOTD, something I'm not read to do yet. I do have a collective haul post planned shortly, but I thought I would begin with something that did inspire me, which as the film Mozart's Sister.

If you know me at all by now, you know I adore historical dramas. The one that is the gold standard to judge all others by is Bright Star. Mozart's Sister was rather "quiet" for a historical movie, and mostly focused on family dynamics (interspersed with amazing music performances of course) and never let the set overtake the story. For example, when the family was eating supper, they ate by candlelight and you could only see what they could. In that way, the scenery was a part of the movie, but not another character, as it so often is in these types of films.

Likewise with the costumes. There were minimal costume changes (Louise de France wore the same dress days in a row, quelle horror!), yet from them I got an idea for my upcoming wedding dress (which I've already decided that I need custom made. It is too hard to find something that isn't your run of the mill strapless confection billowed by tulle). What I most loved was the idea of the train or "cape" running from the back of the dress:For wedding dress purposes, I'd want it to be longer of course, something that would need holding up lest it get dragged on the ground.

Anyone have any thoughts on finding non-conventional wedding dress ideas?