Friday, October 29, 2010

October Hauls Part 1 - MAC A Tartan Tale

First off, if anyone even reads this blog, I know it's not to check out my amazing photography skills. My camera is about 4 years old and I messed with the light settings awhile ago and have never managed to fix them. Hence the wonky flashes and washed out nature of most things.

With that disclaimer out of the way, boy, was October a fiscally draining month! With Venomous Villains (Or was that September? Close enough anyways), Sephora FF and now A Tartan Tale, I seriously gorged on makeup.

I was picked up my TT goodies today, and let me say that this is a collection I bought more for the packaging than the substance. I am a huge nut for plaid, so I knew right away I had to get some of the tins regardless of what was in them to use for storage later. Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with the makeup too (And the bear! I believe I showed remarkable restraint by abstaining from buying the full sized one).

The tin that I got is called the Glamorous Mineralize Kit, and inside it has one Zoom Lash (which I'll never use), a paint pot in Indianwood, a lip glass in Blessedly Rich and an eyeshadow duo called Noble Touch:
All in all very useful, everyday makeup.

I also picked up two items from this collection that didn't come in special packaging:(This is where I apologize once more for the obtrusive flash, since it's washing everything out). The blush is My Highland Honey and the lipstick is Faerie Glen (a lovely light pink Lustre, which I would have gotten anyway for the name alone!) The blush is a beautiful sheer orange.

I won't bother going into great lengths to describe anything, because there are other sites (*cough* Temptalia *cough*) that already do such an amazing job. I definitely agree with Temptalia's assessment that nothing in A Tartan Tale is a must have. MAC Holiday collections are really only great for newbies who need to build their stash (if I didn't already own 10,000 nude shades, I'd be all over the Dashing Lassie palette), or for those of us who hardcore collectors.

I'll admit I also ordered some TT items online that I'm still awaiting. Because I made the requisite purchase amount, I got the book included, and I'm probably more excited about that than anything else! I've really missed MAC promotional collectibles ever since they did away with the post cards.

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  1. Your picture quality isn't too bad. I'm rather jealous that you have the Tartan Tale collection