Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Pretty Purple Labor Day Weekend

Happy belated Labor Day to the Americans out there! If you're like me, your blessed three day weekend is now over and you're back to the drudgery of the office. My Labor Day weekend was not too exciting, but still satisfying - I hung out & went shopping with the boyfriend, who needed new work clothes (I adore clothes shopping for boys - if I could redo my life, I would enroll in fashion design and focus on menswear!), polished off a Phillipa Gregory novel (they are one of my many guilty pleasures), and hauled and primped a bit.

During the shopping sojourn with the boyfriend I just mentioned, I managed to pull him into an U
lta for some browsing. It was the last place in Orange County I hadn't yet checked for an Urban Decay Naked palette, and of course they didn't have it. Due to that disappointment, and the fact I had to stand in the check-out line anyway (my boyfriend wanted some hair gel but was too embarrassed to buy it himself), I just needed to pick up something for moi. I had already hauled to death these past two months, so when I saw the purple Ulta Untamed palette for $14.99, I figured it was the perfect cheap thrill: As you can maybe read on the label, it contains 9 eye shadows, lip colors (which I probably won't use since I never use palette lip stuff), and 4 blushes. I have never bought Ulta brand makeup before, but have heard it is much better quality than Sephora's brand name products. Here are some close-ups of what is inside:
Some of them even remind me of some Urban Decay shadows from my Alice palette. (Let me know if you're interested in any of the color names).
And here is the rest of it once it folds out:
It remains yet to be seen if I'll actually use the blushes either, but I think $14.99 for 9 shadows is still a good deal.
And to round up my purple themed weekend, I put on my new Zoya nailpolish in Mimi:
That's it for now! I'm hoping to try out some EOTD's soon, but I need to wait until I get my wonky looking eyebrows shaped!

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