Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illamasqua Art of Darkness Haul

When I saw the above image from Illamasqua's fall line, I was in awe! It spoke to me more than any other makeup brand's fall advertising campaign, because it really tapped into the fantasy aspect of cosmetics. I want to stack some gold rings and bracelets with exotic motifs, chomp into a pomegranate and cast my eyes in shades of bronze and gold. To see the full line and all the gorgeous images, visit the illamasqua site. You will be floored ten times more by the main picture.

I wasn't able to find any of this line on any website in the US, but they had almost all of it at my local Sephora (save for the blue lipstick), where I went to haul my little heart out today. Here are the 3 pieces I picked up:

(From left to right: Alluvium Pure Pigment, Alchemy Precision Ink and Hermetic Intense Lipgloss) If I wasn't already sold on this line before, the scarabs on this package put it over the top! They lend such a cool, ancient Egyptian feel. In fact, they immediately brought to mind my favorite character from my favorite Sci-Fi film, who just as easily could have been a model in this campaign:Jaye Davidson from the original Stargate movie.
Back to the original topic, here are some up close shots of what I purchased:

I'm going to try this pigment in the crease with some gold on the lid I think.
The lipgloss is a pretty brown-red color, and very deep, but your lips need to be exfoliated in order for it to go on smoothly. On the up side, it is not obnoxiously sticky.

The liner is a bright gold glitter, and is fairly user friendly to apply.

Here is my lame attempt at swatching them:

That's it for now, happy hump day!

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  1. I´m so sad that they don't sell Illamasqua in Iceland :(