Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Fantasy Heroines - #5

With the MAC Venomous Villains collections coming up soon (and selling out soon no doubt), I'd thought I'd start a series I've been thinking about for awhile, which is the opposite of the coin - favorite fantasy heroines and their makeup! When I think about the baddies of the fairytale/fantasy world, their makeup never appeals to me. It's all overly harsh red lips, majorly contoured cheeks and super dark eyeshadow. I honestly never wear one of those elements on their own, ever. The looks of the "good" protagonists (because let's face it - you're only good or bad, never in-between in these types of stories) are more my style. So, without further ramblings from me, here's my 5th favorite fantasy heroine: The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story
I couldn't resist as this was one of my favorite movies as a kid (Atreyu was actually my favorite character, but he didn't really fit into this category). The Childlike Empress, aka Moon Child, exemplifies the trademarks of the fantasy heroine - clear, flawless skin, light dewy lips and an ethereal gaze. In order to save her vanishing world, whose stories are no longer being read by Earth's children, she beseeches the help of a young, bullied bookworm to give her a new name. Inspired by her look, I've put together a list of a few items that might be useful in achieving her innocent radiance. First, I'd start with a kojic acid facial product, like:
Kojic acid products have been my go to for trying to get rid of skin imperfections, like freckles or old acne scars. The lore behind Kojic acid is that it was discovered that Japanese women working in sake factories had gorgeous luminous skin from working with this substance, which is a by-product of in the fermentation process of malting rice.
Now that you
r skin is glowing, you need a light, peachy lip. How about try a Chanel Glossimer in Bikini Peach?Top this off with a pretty piece of jewelry (Wearing it on your head is an option!)
I found this one on Ruetabega's Etsy Store.

I hope this is an enjoyable series for you guys, and I'll post my other 4 choices soon!

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