Thursday, August 19, 2010

Las Vegas & Headdesk Moments

I had one of those lovely milestone birthdays this past weekend (unfortunately not one of the cool ones which heralds the ability to drink legally), and I marked it by celebrating with my family in Vegas. Despite having been to Vegas many times in the past few years, it was actually my first time walking the Strip at night, and wow, was that an experience - one I never, ever want to repeat). The only good highlights of that adventure were taking pictures of the new conservatory exhibit at the Bellagio, and watching a rather portly, sweaty African American man in a bright pink bra dancing on the sidewalk for tips. And believe me, that tip jar was overflowing! Dude was working it!

Anyway, the headdesk moment came when I went to the Town Square Sephora, and lo and behold, they had not one but like 8 Urban Decay Naked Palettes in! I wanted to buy one, but because my mom was offering to pay, I felt guilty asking her to shell out the $44 bucks (or whatever it was). Instead I picked out NARS Douceur, which means I now own every piece from NAR's fall collection, save for the eyeshadow singles.

So when I returned to Orange County, I went to South Coast Plaza to get that Naked Palette once and for all. Well, I checked out Sephora and the Urban Decay counter at Macy's, and...nothing. All sold out times infinity. Thank god this palette is not limited edition (I think), so one day it shall be mine!

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