Friday, August 27, 2010

Milani Nailpolish Fetish - Mr. Sandman and others

I'm really not a girl who is obsessed with her fingernails, so long as they are clean and trim (toenails are an entirely different story - being a Cali girl it's pretty obligatory to have an up-to-date pedicure at all times). Though since I think I've reached max capacity in terms of the amount of makeup I have, I've since turned my attention to nailpolish. And while I'm a huge OPI fan, I recently gave the drugstore brand Milani a try since CVS was having an extra bucks promo if you bought $10 of Milani products. So I bought a few to try out, and I'm really impressed with the quality! Here is what I'm wearing now, Mr. Sandman:And here's the other Milani shades I've bought thus far:
From left to right: Mr. Sandman, Ms. Milani, Tailor Made (my most favorite ever! It's blue with a purple duochrome), Angel Pink and Creme Brulee.
Now my next step is to get my cuticles in order!

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  1. I love love love mr sandman! I'm wearing it now