Monday, August 30, 2010

Eco Tools Mini Makeup Organizer

I was really bored the other night, and boredom leads to random drugstore purchases, as CVS is conveniently across the street from me. When I got to the makeup brush section, I spotted this little plastic Eco Tools organizer, and thought, "Eh, why not. I'll feel silly just walking out of here with my Smart Water." Even though this only represents like 1/20th of my stash, I thought it would be nice to keep on top of my desk, and keep the current season's items in it, and then rotate items out as needed. Mostly everything in my collection is kept in random drawers, so I'm always digging around for things in the morning. So as of now I have my two new NARS e/s duos (Tzarine & Rajasthan), my Fresh Firebird mascara, assorted lippies and my go-to NARS blushes in this organizer, plus a bunch of mini Guerlain perfumes. Once I move, I hope to get a huge rolling rack to put the rest of my preciouses in.

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