Monday, December 13, 2010

RIP Lush Matryoshka, RIP

I received my Lush order over the weekend, and my dear little Matryoshka did not fare well in her journeys:She suffered some major internal damage en route to California, and came to me a powdery mess. (The two pieces inside that crumbled are bath bombs; the outer red and green layers are soaps).
Even though this is still usable, I'm pretty upset with how badly packaged this was. It was just loosely wrapped in newspaper, when it should have been cushioned in bubble wrap. I won't say I won't ever order from Lush again, but I'm probably going to stick to sturdier items in the future, like shower gel that comes in plastic bottles.


  1. Oh no! That's upsetting... however it's still cute, despite the powdery mess =)

  2. Yes, fortunately the main part wasn't damaged, just the insides - so she still has her cute face and little babushka scarf! I'm not a huge bath bomb person anyway, but even those are still usable despite the parts that have flaked off.

  3. aw. thats not good! they should have wrapped it in bubble wrap! :( but hey, its still cute, and usable ;)

    RYC: i use the Jill Stuart jellies by applying them on the crease of my lids (not all over the lid) that way its subtle but the sparkly effect is visible when i blink ;) yes they are blend-able, but u have to be quick! :P if u ever get the chance to get JS items, go for those 2! :)