Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bath & Body Products I've Been Loving Lately

Well, it's soon as I go on a makeup no-buy (save for one slip-up...but I'll save that for another post), I turn my attention to something else beauty related, which in this case is bath products. From scrubs to lotions to soaps, I have a few things to show you. The first is a Turkish coffee scented sugar scrub from the Etsy store Wicked Soaps:And here is what the scrub looks like:
Yummy!? I guess it either looks like coffee grinds or mold, depending on your perspective (I'm on the side of coffee grinds). I'm actually not a huge coffee drinker (nor a pure one - if I do have coffee, it needs lots of flavored syrup, like hazelnut, and mountains of whipped cream), but I adore the smell. I'd say this is a particularly great weekday scrub for those mornings I need to haul my leaden body out of bed. The scent is strong and perks you right up, like a real cup of joe would!

Next are two offerings from my perennial favorite, Haus of Gloi:

It's a sugar scrub and a pumpkin butter, both in the Snow Wolf scent (I only took a photo of the pumpkin butter since the jar is exactly the same for both). First off, how cool is the label?! It's very Medieval Norse. Secondly, this has to be hands down my favorite scent of theirs thus far, because it's the most spicy and least sweet of their seasonal pumpkin butters. Winter is the best season for me, scent wise, because that is when the woodsy and musky scents come out. Conversely, summertime is the worst because that's when all the saccharine fruity scents are for sale (coconut is probably the only fruit inspired scent I really enjoy).

Last but not least, I ordered a trio of Lord of the Rings inspired soaps from Dreaming Tree Soap Soapwork, my favorite of which is the Fangorn Forest bar:
Fangorn Forest is where Merry & Pippin found themselves after escaping from the Orcs. It's also where they met up with Treebeard, who they journeyed with to Isengard (I am a bit of a Tolkein nut). The other two soaps in the bunch were Rivendell and the Shire. Rivendell smells about as pure and crisp as you'd imagine the actual place would. Fangorn Forest smells, well, woodsy (sorry, my brain isn't capable of coming up with better descriptions at the moment, I'm a wee bit tired). Hence why I like it so much. I thought the Shire smelled fairly similar to Rivendell, and I thought it could have used some cinnamon or something similarly foody (since the hobbits were obsessed with eating).

Well, it's absolutely pouring rain outside, so I'm going to pop in my Tudors season 4 dvd, and then get some sleep. Hope everyone's weekend is going well!


  1. Those are all such exotic looking bath items! I'm such a mainsteam-ish shopper when it comes to that stuff. The coffee looks awesome--- and like coffee. I can't believe there's Lord of the Rings inspired goodies too, but I guess why not? As long as it smells good!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the scrub! I actually LOVE Haus of Gloi and have that exact same lotion :) Thanks so much!

    -Misty, WickedSoaps

  3. Hey Dovey,
    Hope you had a nice holiday :-) I think because I'm slowing down on the makeup (well,for me anyway), I'm going into bath products - I have too much fun browsing Etsy, which is where you can find some of the more exotic stuff.

    Wicked Soaps, I really enjoyed this, and the theme was too cool for words! I'm definitely looking forward to placing another order!