Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2nd GWP Score - Estee Lauder Coach Makeup Bag w/ Goodies

Mygiftwithpurchase.com is a wonderfully informative yet evilly enabling website that alerts one to all the cool gwp's going on in the makeup world. Thanks to them, I found out about this Coach for Estee Lauder makeup bag, which could be purchased for $35 after buying a fragrance. They actually had three different bags to choose from - red, silver and gold - and each bag had a specific color palette for the makeup that came with it. I bought mine through the EL website, and unfortunately all they had in stock was the gold one (I would have preferred red, since that is my signature color for accessories). However, since I am a coach fanatic (please don't cast judgmental eyes my way!), I still had to get my hands on it.

Here is a sampling of what was inside:There was also a very cool retractable powder brush and an eyeliner pencil in navy, but they didn't make for very interesting photos, so I chose not to include them.

As for the fragrance I purchased in order to be eligible for the gwp, I think it is my holy grail for winter! It's called Sensuous Noir, and it's an exotic, musky blend that isn't overpowering, yet has great lasting power. It's almost like a female version of a male cologne. This is perfect for me, because I don't tend to cotton to fruity or overly floral scents (i.e., typical ingredients in female perfurmes). It didn't show up well in my pictures, but the bottle is a deep purple.

Overall, from the Dahlia palette to this, I've started to pay more attention to Estee Lauder, whereas before it was at the absolute bottom of my list of preferred makeup brands. Something about it almost seemed grandmotherly to me, and I generally hated the gold toned packaging (which they still have unfortunately). I'm slowly starting to change my mind about them, and will probably start to pay more attention to their offerings.


  1. Oh yay! I was curious about this EL gift bag. I think ever since EL changed their creative director (?), it's been a lot more appealing to me too. But that said, I still find it hard to get over the gold packaging =)

  2. Lol, glad I'm not the only one turned off by the gold packaging! I wish they'd update it a bit.

  3. Wow that's the best GWP I've seen in a long time!

  4. Ditto Tammy! And what was nice was that there was a pretty low price point in order to qualify for it. Neiman Marcus has some GWPs going on, but some of them require you to spend up to $500 before you can get anything. I know Neiman Marcus is high end, but still...