Thursday, December 2, 2010

Harajuku Lovers and Pinkytoast

After last night's post, I was thinking about my new Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style perfume bottle, and what it reminded me of. This morning it hit me - it's so similar to the work of my favorite artist, Pinkytoast!

Close-up of the new Harajuku Lovers bottle:
Pinkytoast pictures:

I would gladly agree to go on a permanent make-up no buy if I could get my hands on the original of the Alice in Wonderland themed one!

I actually do own one Pinkytoast original painting, bought on a whim in 2004 for $90. Her prices have (deservedly) been raised to close to $400 now. The one I bought features one of her large, doll-like heroines journeying through a forest with her human-sized rabbit companions. The summer I bought it I was interning at a cultural heritage site, and part of my job was to catalog the art collection of the owner. It was probably one of the more fun times in my working life, and sparked this desire to start collecting art pieces for the fun of it. One of my coworkers at the museum I later worked at kind of naysayed me, saying really the only way to collect art nowadays and make a profit was to invest in contemporary (Yes, because I can really afford a Jeff Koons - anyway I could care less about the accruing value, I only care if I'm going to enjoy looking at it everyday). To drive home his point, he gave me this book called Collecting Contemporary Art, which I recommend anyway because learning about the contemporary market is truly fascinating (it includes a lot of interviews with top auctioneers and dealers).

And going back to the topic of life-long no-buys, I'm still contemplating the rules of my impending no-buy. I think it may involve taking an extended break from Makeupalley, since that is where most lemmings are born.


  1. How creepy and cute at the same time! I do like the Alice pinkytoast painting, but the moon balloon one is also fun! I've never bought real "art" either... but I do like to make my own doodles =P.

  2. Cool! I wish I were more artistically inclined. Whenever I try to doodle, I only come up with the same flower over and over :-( I haz no skills.