Thursday, April 14, 2011

Updates Coming Soon

Substitute "kitteh" with "blog" and basically that's what's been happening lately in terms of me paying attention to this site. Without going into too much detail, work has been a beyotch and a half. In addition to our usual work load, we got sprung with two major (one good, one sucky) surprises that has been requiring extra hours on the clock. On top of that two coworkers have been out on vacation, so we're understaffed to boot. But the good news is that next week is my vacation! And as usual, I'll be visiting my family in Vegas. So in addition to sleeping in, I'll have lots of time to take pictures and post!

I still have had time to do some makeup haulage this past month though, which I still thought I'd share, even though I don't have pics:


*Giggly mineralize blush from Quite Cute
*Sakura mineralize blush
*Playing Koi lipstick (promptly returned though, it was terrible)
*Candy Yum Yum lipstick

Summer just came out at my Nordstrom's Chanel!! I got:
*Morning Rose nailpolish
*Aurore Glossimer
*Pensee Glossimer
*Khaki Discret eyeshadow duo

So how has everyone else been? Anyone else feel kinda meh about Quite Cute?

Bye for now, next time I log on I'll be in Vegas baby!


  1. Aww! I'm jealous!!! I hope you enjoy your vacation. Sorry things haven't been so great at work :(

  2. Have fun visiting family =)

    I can't wait to see the Chanels! I've managed to convince myself I don't need them (ha!) yet I can't help poring over all the swatches and photos that come out!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Prettyinthedesert! Hopefully it'll get better soon :-)

    Thanks Dovey! As usual the Chanels are to die for, but I think the eyeshadows are not l/e (at least according to the Nordie's sales lady - I hope she's right!) The two glossimers are super pretty!