Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest Obsession: Animal Cocktail Rings

Admittedly I am not a very sophisticated person when it comes to jewelry. I get bored at the thought of Tiffany's robin's egg blue boxes. If I had the serious dough to invest, I would much rather splurge on Victoire de Castellane's baubles. But since that is only a fantasy, I have started to try and collect equally ostentatious, but much more affordable items, all animal themed. I've gotten several in the past few months:
This is a Betsy Johnson snake ring my boyfriend gave me for Valentine's Day (interesting fact: our first anniversary he did get me something from Tiffany's, because he thought that's what girls just like. He knows me way better now. Likewise, I did once err in almost getting him a Lacoste polo shirt only to find out he was in a "no Lacoste upturned collar" club in college or something like that).

This is my Rachel Rachel Roy owl ring. His name is Justinius, be
cause I paid for him with the jury duty stipend I received last winter.

This is also a Rachel Rachel Roy ring. It's a jaguar or panther or some other type of exotic cat. I was going to wear him along with my teal nails to the wedding from hell I had to attend yesterday, but the thunderstorms made me change my
wardrobe plans last minute, so I had to put him away in favor of this more subdued piece:This is a vintage knotted snake ring I picked up at a monthly antique fair they hold in my area.

So there is my small but growing collection of cocktail animal baubles! I guess I will end this by making a plea to any of you planning a wedding - for the love of your guests, please include a bar, any bar, for your reception! It doesn't matter if it's open or cash, nothing is worse than going to a 4 + hour long event only to find that the only drinks available are unsweetened lemonade and punch. (By the way, this was my boyfriend's friend's wedding, my friends would definitely have had better sense than that!) I was this close to live tweeting my misery last night, but remembered my manners at the last moment :-)


  1. Looks glamorous! Really superb and wonderful.

  2. I absolutely love the vintage one! It's so pretty yet fun! Your collection is really nice!
    And seriously? Just unsweetened lemonade and punch?? Wowww! Poor you! =P

    Andrée xx

  3. Oh my--- I definitely couldn't pull them off, however they're really exciting, especially the snakes =)

  4. The last snake ring is pretty! I like wearing rings a lot myself too, since I can't wear necklaces or earrings really...
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Justinious looks so adorable! haha so cute! i also like rings... u have a nice collection! :)

    RYC: the Shu Uemura box contains Red Juvenus samples ;)

  6. I love animal cocktail rings as well at the moment!And the more impressive the better!I adore the owl one you've got!