Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vegas- The Cosmopolitan and Bellagio Atrium Pics

Ahhh, free at last - last least for one week. After a rather dramatic start at John Wayne airport (a "code 5" was announced over the loud speaker, which was followed by blasting sirens and the airport basically going into lockdown mode), I made it to Las Vegas, and only an hour late after all the drama cleared up. I spent yesterday napping, and then my mom and I went to the shopping center that has an Inglot in order to do some makeup shopping (About a year ago I inducted my mom into the cult that is makeup obsession). Today we ventured over to the strip to meet up with my half brother and his wife. We took them out to the Cosmopolitan's buffet at Wicked Spoon for his birthday. It was delish! I also went into full on tourist mode and took a whole bunch of pictures. At the Cosmopolitan:

A "Steam Pump" Sculpture

Yummy dessert noms from the buffet

More random shoe artI have a couple more photos from the Cosmo, but they're mostly random family stuff.

Next we headed over to the Bellagio, because I seriously cannot visit Vegas without seeing their seasonal Atrium exhibit:

These flowers almost looked too perfect to be real

The symmetry inside astounds me

This is based on a Hockney from the Bellagio gallery

I also took tons of butterfly photos inside the greenhouse:

Hope you enjoyed! I don't have too much planned for the rest of the week other than sleeping in, seeing some movies, going to some outlets, and some routine maintenance stuff like seeing the eye doctor and dentist.


  1. I love your Bellagio pictures!! Especially the painting made of flowers. The bellagio garden was my favorite part of vegas when I visited =)

  2. Thanks Guðrún! I felt like such a tourist, but I couldn't stop myself from taking of all the gorgeous displays in the atrium.

    Isn't the Bellagio awesome Dovey?! It's probably one of my most favorite parts of Vegas

  3. really cool blog, love your photos :))