Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve Reds & Randomness

There really is no time like New Year's Eve to bring out the red makeups, and since I actually went somewhere this year (my boyfriend was sick last year so we just stayed in), I decided to pull out whatever stops I could. I'm not exactly a red lipstick kind of gal, and most ones I try turn a garish fuchsia on me. One of the only two I own is this pitifully old one from MAC's Neo Sci-Fi collection. This shade is Sci-Fi-Delity, and it's a red infused with gold sparkle. It actually shows on my lips as it looks in the tube.

The necklace in the middle is one of the loves of my jewelry collection. It's an antique red glass pendant that is supposed to be art deco. Since I wear a lot of plain black tops, I always need something that ups the drama factor.

And finally I broke out my Bad Fairy nailpolish from MAC's Venomous Villians collection. As with most MAC polishes, it really needs 3 coats to look opaque, but it wasn't at all streaky like some of MAC's other polishes.
To make things extra cliche, I even wore my leopard print pumps:

Say what you will about Jessica Simpson, she (or designers) made pretty darn good shoes. I found these ones at Marshall's on Black Friday for $25.

As for the randomness, my boyfriend and I went to see The Tourist on New Years day because it was the only thing we could agree on. Not only was it as bad as the critics said, but the makeup was really the worst. About 20% into the film, my boyfriend leaned in and whispered to me "What do you think of her makeup?" Do you know how bad a film has to be in order for my boyfriend's mind to wander into that territory?! Anyway I answered that it made her look old, and he agreed. And later he asked me, "Why does her face look like wax?" in reference to this:
Seriously, is that the 4th Kardashian sister? (Again, my boyfriend has to be insanely bored to comment on anyone's complexion). This scene was pretty bad too:

Also that hair color doesn't do her justice. I love Angelina the best when her hair is raven feather black.

To end on a positive note, I will say the clothing was gorgeous, if over the top. The costumers went a little too far into Hitchcock heroine direction, so everything she wore looked anachronistic.


  1. The leopard print pumps look so cute!

  2. Thank you! They are super comfortable too, which is a plus because my feet can't tolerate heels for too long.

  3. Love the Art Deco red necklace! :)

  4. Thanks, I could kick myself for losing the name of the seller, she had a lot of great vintage pieces! I have a similar one that is oval shaped and has green glass and enamel.

  5. the pumps are such a steal!!!! i love MAC Bad Fairy <3