Thursday, January 13, 2011

How I've Been Procrastinating - Dec 2010/Jan 2011 edition

There are tons of ideas for posts I have racing around my head. But have I written any recently? No, because I am a procrastinator with a big fat P. Which actually gave me an idea for a new monthly series. Instead of a "monthly favorites" for beauty products, I'm going to post my monthly means of procrastination. I will still post beauty favorites sporadically, but because I don't have many new favorites per month, there is no sense in trying to trying to make that a recurring series for this blog. Without further ado, here is how I have been wasting my time for the latter half of December and the first half of this month:

1. Monopoly for Kindle:
(note this is a stock photo - my actual kindle is the second generation version, and has an awesome decal I decorated it with. However, the screen didn't photograph well because of the flash).

When it comes to gadgets, I'm really a technology slumdog. While most of my friends have iphones, ipads, or both, I have a 3 year old glitchy phone from Sprint, and an older model Kindle as my e-reader. I'm not complaining though, because I'd much rather spend my money on girly things like shoes and makeup than the latest gizmo.

Anyway, the Kindle has been releasing some re
ally cool games lately. With their version of Monopoly, you can either play against the computer or another Kindle user. I usually play against the computer, and freak out if it manages to buy up all the railroads before I do. The great thing about playing against a computer is that you can just start the game over if it's not going your way :-)

2. Skins, Season 1 (British Version):

I feel like a loser for admitting this since first off, this series is already 4 years old and I've only just discovered it. Secondly I'm way to old to be watching a show about hard-partying teens. And lastly, the show i
s actually pretty hokey and the grown-ups are badly written caricatures. However, I'm still obsessed with some of the characters, mainly crazy-mad, anorexic boho flower child Cassie:
Dude, how cool is that necklace?!! I kind of want to string some plastic lizards and mice together with some beads, wear it to work and see what my coworkers have to say.

If you're in the US and have Netflix, I think all of the seasons of the British version are available to watch online.

3. Plotting my Spring makeup purchases

Chantecaille Sea Turtle Eyeshadow Palette.

Turtles are one of my favorite animals, so I may have to break yet another makeup budget barrier and invest in this piece of eyeshadow art.

Paul & Joe Spring 2011 lipsticks

I always try to purchase one P&J lipstick a year, because in addition to being encased in the most whimsical and girly packaging, they are very moisturizing and long-lasting.

Otherwise, I have already hauled a lot for Spring - I got some Chanel items recently (yes, sorry I've been holding out on you!), so my budget is super limited right now.

That's it, long live procrastination!!

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  1. OMG! I love turtles, too! That Chantecaille palette is gorgeous!