Monday, June 7, 2010 Haulage

It's a baby haul, but worth posting nonetheless...From left to right: Asia Treasure Hunt face mask set (made in Taiwan), Bison body peel (Japanese), and it's hard to see, but the charm bracelet was a GWP, it has a little nail polish and hat charm, among others.

And close up and interior of face mask set:The masks inside are, obviously, all Asian-themed - Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sake Yeast, Natto, and Platinum Hydra (I actually have doubts as to how this one is Asian, maybe someone wiser than I could explain). I'm going to pull a random one out tonight and try it while reading my Kindle (It's impossible to do anything sitting up with these masks on, because they are drenched cloth that basically fall off unless you're lying down).

As for the Bison body peel, I look forward to trying that tomorrow for two reasons. #1, I am totally maladroit and effed up majorly with some self tanner I sprayed on my legs (I am normally against self tanning, but read on to see why I try it). Need to buff that crap off. #2, I have some scarring on my legs from constantly scratching them in my sleep. This has been a problem I've had for like 10 years, and it's caused some discoloration that in the past has only been erased by sunburning them, and then letting the skin peel off. Not that I'm recommending this! I actually found this out by accident when some friends and I went to Malaysia for a beach vacation. I stayed out in the sun too long, was punished with a nasty burn, but rewarded with lovely, clear-skinned legs.

Anyway, I'm awaiting some more exciting packages in the mail, so will hopefully have more to post soon!

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