Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MAC To the Beach Haul

So I'm late in the game in general always (to blogging, to work) and especially to posting my latest MAC hauls from the new collections. Ever since To The Beach came out late last week, the interwebs have been inundated with images of the spoils of many a MACaholic's recent purchases. Well, now its my time to join in the fray and show off my new goodies, all of which I managed to get a hold of thanks to my ability to be organized enough to pre-order them (I'm taking a moment to brag about that, since I'm not organized enough to do much else).

As for my thoughts on my purchases themselves, I'll have to save that for later. As with new clothes, I hate breaking the proverbial seal on new makeup and wearing it (it's like it loses its power after you wear it the first time). I can tell from eyeballing the Marine Life powder that that seahorse is going to die a quick death after a few swipes of the brush. As David Bowie as the Goblin King would say, "Such a pity..."

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