Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Matryoshka Lemming

Ever since I bought the MAC Barbie back in 2007, I've been the recipient of the Barbie collector's catalog. I mostly either recycle it immediately or briefly thumb through it, because I'm not a doll collector and I don't really need to start (just watching Susan from this season's episode of Hoarders is enough to scare anyone). However, the latest catalog, much to my delight, featured 4 dolls inspired by Russia. The one that caught my eye of course is this darling named Mila with the matryoshka skirt& headdress:
Yes, I may plunk down the coinage and add a 2nd doll to my purposefully meager collection. And on a side note, have you ever noticed how Barbies always have the coolest eye makeup? No joke, the designers really spend a lot of time coordinating her eyeshadow colors.

And on another side note, sorry I've been absent for nearly 3 weeks. This month has been the kind where all I want to do when I get home from work is just flop onto my bed and read. I do have some new goodies to post soon, so stay tuned.


  1. She´s pretty! Life's a breeze when you're a Barbie, right?

  2. Cute! I feel like 'kids' nowadays aren't as barbie obsessed as we used to be back in the day. Brings back memories =P

  3. This is really neat! I love how they are Russian inspired, very different.